Thursday, July 5, 2007

What is CASEing??

I initially came across this term when I started scrapbooking. I was told it meant "Copy and Share Everything." I thought this to be a great concept because some people have an amazing knack for creativity, while others of us need a nudge in the idea department. I quite often found some wonderful page ideas that I took the lead from and then tweaked to make it my own. I would often stand back amazed at what I could do, and thankful that there are so many creative minds out there willing to share their ideas.

Since I started stamping, I have again come across the term "CASEing" and in various definitions saw it described as "Copy and Steal Everything." (That doesn't sound nearly as nice or user friendly.) I often visit Splitcoaststampers ( If you haven't been their previously, I highly recommend the site. They offer great ideas, tutorials, and many forums to connect with other stampers. I recall reading about CASEing in one of those forums and found that it is a pretty hot topic. Many people have their own feelings about this and whether or not it is right. I personally do a lot of CASEing. Sometimes I'll take an idea and change up the colors or the stamps. Sometimes I'll run with an idea and it will end up being a completely different and unique card. I enjoy becoming inspired by others and am thankful for their creative minds. However, if you see a card here that was inspired by another, you will also see me give credit to that person. I appreciate the time and thoughts they have put into their creations, and want to respect and acknowledge their ideas in doing so. I am happy to share ideas for others to use, so feel free to look and CASE away at anything I've done that you enjoy.

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